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"Carrie ROCKS! I met Carrie over 5 years ago when I was recovering from bad highlights.  Carrie saved my hair​!  She came to my house and did my wedding hair~I Loved It.  Not too done, but better than my daily style~just how I wanted it.  Carrie has a secret formula for wedding day hair that is humidity proof, hug proof yet very touchable.  She won't share her secret!!  I see Carrie every 8-10 weeks for color that I call 'half Rock Star, half does she or doesn't she?'  If you need wedding hair or color call Carrie! SHE ROCKS!  Love ya girl!"   Sheri

"When I was growing up in NY, a family friend was my person for hair.... I never thought I would find someone like her.  Well, I didn't...I found someone BETTER~Carrie.   Everything you read here about Carrie is true!  She is a great person with an even greater talent with hair.  Why else would my sister go ONLY to Carrie when she lives in Michigan?  I have been going to Carrie for over 7 years now wouldn't dare let anyone else touch her hair on my wedding day last November.   She came to the house and was just one of the girls...I didn't worry about anything with my hair, and of course, it looked FABULOUS!!! I don't think THANK YOU will ever be enough!" 

 I have always dreaded going to the hairdresser and tend to go MAYBE once a year. I've been to Carrie 3 times in the last 6 months. And I keep having her do different stuff. She is not only a fabulous hairdresser and a magician with color but she is FUN! I genuinely enjoy going to see her. I rave on and on about her to everyone I know who might actually be needing a haircut or color in the Orlando area!

"I am VERY particular about my hair, and I was more than pleased with her.  We had her come out to do my hair, plus SIX more girls!! She got everyone done without any stress, and the girls all looked beyond incredible.  Plus, Carrie was so much fun to hang out with all day.  I swear, every person that came to the wedding is still talking about how beautiful everyone in the wedding party looked!"

"Carrie was able to do my hair along with my maid of honor and bridesmaids for my wedding. We were all so pleased at the art work and talent of Carrie. She was professional and fun at the same time. It was well worth every penny and I will always be grateful for my beautiful wedding hair that will be in pictures forever. Thanks again!"

"I have had strangers tell me that I was lucky to have such pretty haircolor and that it was obvious that it was natural.   HA-HA!   Little do they know the HairDiva had worked her magic on me!!  When you make an appointment with Carrie the hair is the bonus, hanging out with her is the real treat!"

I have known Carrie for over 15 years and will not let anyone else touch my hair for any reason.  I completely trust her and often say

'do whatever you want.'  You will have nothing to worry about with her handling your event-NOTHING!!  She knows how to do everything perfectly; from color to precision cuts.  She's the best!!!     

~Katie J.

"Carrie, You were the perfect calming agent and magician! My hair was perfect. Thank You!"

"Carrie is a True Artist!"

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