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Get a little dirty...

Taking breaks from the suds is a necessity for your hair & scalp. Shampoo breaks allow your scalp oils to do what they are meant to do, balance your scalp's ph & keep your scalp from drying out. Your scalp oils also are your body's own amazing hair oil, It's like your own personal hair conditioner made for you by you. 😉 Unless you're working in the mines & are visibly dirty you should be washing your hair every other day max! A lot less than you think you should be. Color treated &/or dry hair every 2 days, Curly coarse hair every 3-4 days. These are all just guide lines, you'll find you're sweet spot. A few facts to consider.... Overwashing is killing your color quickly....Overwashing is drying to your hair....Overwashing is robbing your scalp of those precious oils.....It's robbing you of precious time ⏰ Get back your time & your hair's natural lustre by simply skipping a shampoo.

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