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Upgrade your Up~Do

As a Stylist with alot of experience doing wedding hair here are some basic things you can do to add some oompf to your up~do's to last until the wee hours of the after party:

❤︎ A great up~do needs an amazing silhouette, tease that crown for glam height & a killer silhouette

❤︎ Rather than a heavy layer of a firm hold finishing spray at the end, build the hold into your style by using a medium hold working spray from start to the finish

❤︎ A side deep side swept bang adds instant glamour while slimming your face

❤︎ Hair that is a day dirty is more manageable, if your hair has excess oil you need to get rid of use a dry shampoo in those areas & brush afterwards to reduce any dusting that may occur

❤︎ Weave hair pins into the hair rather than just sliding them straight in, this way hides them & secures them

❤︎ Keep it fresh & modern by not over styling, leave some loose ends for a touchable look

❤︎ To build volume into fine hair use a larger curling iron to create body & fullness before you begin your styling

❤︎ And the best tip of all, confidence! Own your look & Be fierce 💃🏻

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