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Clarification Needed

Unlike your skin which can regenerate itself & slough off its dulling cells, your hair lacks this ability. But.. styling products, conditioners & our environment can dull your hairs natural shine, how do you get rid of these dulling coatings?

A Clarifying Shampoo. They differ from your everyday shampoo because they do not contain any conditioners. They rid your hair of the build up of resins that some styling products & coating conditioners can leave behind. Think of it like this, when you want to refresh your skin & get it glowing again you use a skin exfoliator to help reveal fresh skin. You should give your locks the same tlc & it will return the favor with restored shine & softness, it's like doing a hard reset on your hair.  Even if you aren't a big styling product user, metallic ions from water pipes & wells will build up in your hair & regular shampoos won't remove them. A good clarification will even brighten up your haircolor & revive your highlights.  It'll also keep your hair follicles squeaky clean & healthy follicles produce healthy hair.  

Malibu C makes an absolutely fantastic Clarifier called Un-Do-Goo, it does just what the name implies. Once a week is all you need for your hair to reap its glorious benefits.  MalibuC

Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Clarifying Shampoo

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