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Going into your hair appt with pics of hair color that you like is a great idea. I think all colorists like pictures, because... well there are endless shades of any color & everyones interpretation of those shades may be different, not to mention having to describe that desired shade. The thing with the pics is this, Do you actually want the hair in pic? Or do you just want to be the girl in the pic? Seriously, I ask this because I've actually gotten the answer 'I guess I just want to be the girl in the pic, like where she is.. and I love her sweater' 🤔

Well, Good thing we cleared that up. I've even covered the face of the girl in the pic & then asked if the hair color was still desired, 'oh...not really' was the response. A great colorist will keep you in your own lane & not set you up to dislike your new color.

Social Media is a great place to find your inspo pics, I particularly

❤️Instagram & I will use it during consultations with clients. shocking as this may seem... Things are not always how they appear in the land of Instagram. 😲 The use of photo filters on hair color in social media posts is very common, giving askew'd expectations to clients. If the color looks too fab to be real it's a good chance that it's beautiful photo app filters at work. Some colors are near impossible to upkeep past the 1st shampoo, so even if your desired color is achieved it may be extremely short lived.

Realize that you & your hair are not the girl & her hair in the gorgeous Instagram post you covet. Nevertheless, you do you, & use your inspo pics as just that... pictures to inspire your desired look. Never presume that you will look just like that Insta girl. After all you're just inspired by her. BUT, should your Insta inspired world & your reality collide..Well..the chemistry gods were on your colorists side that day & she/he nailed it, turning you into an inspo pic for another girl browsing thru Instagram trying to find her inspiration. So scroll your newsfeed, search those hashtags & be inspired, but keep your head in your reality & trust that your colorist really does want your worlds to collide.

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