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The expense of DIY 🤕

I recently read a story of a women in the UK who tried to do her own 'Unicorn Hair' at home but instead suffered 3rd degree burns & baldness. Since then the topic has come up in the salon quite a few times; it seems people didn't know such a thing was possible. Hair bleach, just like Clorox laundry bleach is highly caustic. Have you ever left Clorox on fabric for an extended amount of time? The Clorox will literally eat a hole in the fabric until nothing is left. Now imagine the Clorox is hair bleach, same thing happens, the hair bleach removes the Melanin aka Pigment from the hair (which is the process of lightning hair) when the Melanin is gone the bleach will then turn on the fibers of the hair & the scalp eating them away until the hair is gone & the scalp is chemically burned. In the case of the women from the UK, she needed skin grafts for her burns. People chose to color their own hair at home for endless reasons, I think a major reason is cost; however, there are hair coloring options for all budgets at any salon. A professional stylist who has your best interest at heart should be willing to work within a reasonably set budget to help you achieve your hair goals. Now that said, you cannot expect to achieve your Unicorn Hair at a bargain price Unicorn Hair is expensive, It's major upkeep if you want to maintain it's vividness, & it rarely lasts as long as you think it should. But there are other options for you to feel majestic af without breaking your bank or inflicting 3rd degree burns upon yourself. Have that conversation with your stylist before you take matters into your own hands, because the cost of losing your hair or scalp to home hair coloring to save a few bucks is harebrained. 😱🤕

disclaimer: NOT home hair color

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