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Color fading faster than you care for? Assuming there is no build up on your hair to prevent your color from processing properly ..Two main reasons may be, You're washing it too frequently & You're using to many heated styling tools without proper heat protection. Every other day is all you really need to keep your hair & scalp clean, Dry Shampoos can be really helpful on that 2nd day if oil control is needed. Air dry whenever possible, but if blowdrying / heat styling is a must then use a leave in conditioner & thermal protector BEFORE using the heat appliances. A few I love are ~

↣ Amika's Leave-In Cream & The Wizard (both before using the dryer)

↣ Paul Mitchell's Hot Off The Press (on dry hair before any heated iron)

↣ My Amazing Blow Dry Secret (before the dryer & again before any heated

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