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Frequently I get asked about Blowdryers & which are 'the best'. There isn't a one size fits all answer. Earlier in the year I purchased the Dyson Supersonic Dryer, I LOVE IT!! I also can cumulatively spend 3 hours of my day just drying & styling hair, so making an investment in a top of the line dryer is a no brainer for me. And it's smart; which I love because I get busy & sometimes forget simple maintenance. Yes, it told me when I needed to clean the filter 👏🏼. Noise pollution is a thing in salons & the Supersonic hardly contributes to that. The person that is a random home blowdryer doesn't need this much blowdryer, unless they just like the idea of having a luxury item. The person who is an everyday dryer who wants a super efficient & speedy dry would benefift from owning Dyson's Supersonic. Of course a visit to Amazon can fetch you a perfectly functional dryer for under $100. Features to look for are the weight of the dryer, lightweight is just going to be less fatiguing, 3 heat settings is ideal & at least 2 flow speed controls & you gotta love a cold shot button! Ionic dryers tend to dry the hair a little faster & Ceramic one will keep the heat hot with more consistency. $400 isn't neccesary to buy an adequate dryer, but I wouldn't trade mine in for anything.

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